Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Pinterest Tip of the Week #1-Keeping Ice Cream Soft

Ever go to scoop yourself a nice bowl of ice cream only to bend and ruin a perfectly good spoon?
Or worse you start to scoop the ice cream and the scoop suddenly slips and a glop of ice cream goes flying across the counter and lands on the floor much to the delight of your four legged friends?
Well thanks to a tip on pinterest I have a solution! The oringinal link for the pin I have doesn't go anywhere so unfortunately I can't give credit to who ever it was that had this brilliant idea but I thank you.
The simply solution is this.  Put your conainer of ice cream in a plastic bag before placing it in the freezer.  That's it.  No microwaving or leaving it out for a few minutes to thaw only to forget about it and return to a puddle of ice cream.  I've tried this and it really works. So go forth and enjoy wonderfully scoopable ice cream everytime!

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