Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Pair of Pears

My pear tree has a pair of pears!  This makes me so happy.  You are probably wondering why I would get excited about only two pears but I have reasons. 1) This is the first time it has bore any fruit. 2) It's MY pear tree.
The tree is only a few years old and though it usually has many blossoms it is really too young to support much fruit.  I think it will be able to support these two pears without hurting the tree but I will be sure to keep an eye out to make sure the tree doesn't suffer any damage.
We've got other fruits starting to blossom too!  Our blackberry bush is covered with blossoms. Our raspberries aren't faring so well though, not sure what is going on with them.  We do have wild raspberries all around the perimeter of the yard and those have lots of blossom.
I also have one blueberry bush that is covered with lots of blossoms too. Again there are also several wild blueberry bushes that are also covered with blooms. (Kinda makes you wonder why I bother with the domestic bushes when there are so many wild ones around, right?) We'll have to get some  netting to keep them from the birds!
I put in a few strawberry plants in containers on the deck and those are blossoming too.  By having them in containers on the deck I am hoping to keep out the chipmunks and squirrels.  There are lots of wild strawberries in the yard that I told the critters they could have, we'll see if they listen
I have also put in three apple trees and two cherry trees.  I had to relocate the apple trees to a sunnier spot and I didn't fence them in right away after moving them so the deer had a little snack on them.
They are now fenced in and I expect that they will make a full recover and do much better in their new location.

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