Thursday, June 13, 2013

Baby Birds!

A few weeks ago on one of my many daily trips to the chicken coop I noticed a bird flying from the corner of the roof.  On further inspection I discovered a birds nest in the corner of the eaves.  Now this section of the roof is supposed to be boxed in but that's a project that still hasn't been completed yet. I am happy about now because I get to watch the little ones grow in the nest! 
The birds are Eastern Phoebes and there are four babies in the nest. I read that phoebes like to build nests under building overhangs, but maybe she felt a kindred spirit with the hens because the nesting boxes are right on the other side of the corner she chose to build her nest.  Momma bird is usually close by and doesn't seem to mind me peeking in as long as I don't get too close!
It's a little hard to tell in the picture but there is a little bird peeking out !

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